Noelle Wijnstekers,


Noëlle Wijnstekers studied at Maastricht University. Since the year 2000 she has been working as an attorney in the field of financial law. In 2011 Noëlle Wijnstekers founded Hart advocaten together with Frank ‘t Hart.


Noëlle has extensive experience in financial law (Financial Supervision Act/Wft, AFM, DNB). Her frequent projects and assignments at a variety of banks, insurance companies, investment companies and the financial regulatory authority (AFM), have contributed greatly to her multifaceted expertise in financial law. Noelle performs advisory work as well as litigation.


In addition to her work as an attorney, Noëlle publishes and frequently gives workshops and trainings on financial law topics, AFM and DNB. Noelle is a member of Vereniging voor Financieel recht (VVFR) and Vereniging voor Bestuursrecht (VAR). Further, Noëlle is secretary of the disciplinary committee of DSI.

+31 20 20 50 720

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